Coronavirus outbreak - 10 amazing tips for working from home

Coronavirus outbreak – 10 amazing tips for working from home

Working from home amazing Tips:


Now that thousands of people find themselves capable of working from home to stop the spread of Covid-19, we have provided some handy tips.

During the coronavirus crisis, the world must change, and one of the factors in the blocked countries is the increase in the number of people working from home.

Regardless of which part of the world you are in, the following tips and suggestions may be useful if technology and roles allow it, as we continue to be in an uncertain phase with no clear conclusion date. Some should already be obvious …

Ten tips for working from home

1. Create a comfortable workspace that meets your needs

It is recommended to use your home location only at work. Avoid using a bed or sofa, or avoid placing yourself in front of the TV. Try to keep the house’s leisure and work space separate and well-defined.

2. Establish routines and prepare them in the workspace in advance

If the space is similar to your office or normal workplace, make your adaptation work as easy as possible. If possible, let it enter natural light and pack up objects that may be distracting.

Coronavirus outbreak - 10 amazing tips for working from home

working from home

3. Create / Agree to Work Schedule

This is important because it lets everyone you may be in contact with when they can be contacted and, more importantly, when they should not be contacted. All working colleagues should know who is where and when. Despite the distance, this will increase focus and productivity and ensure a sense of professional coordination.

4. Dress to work

It is important to distinguish between personal life and work time at home. One way to do this is to get dressed as if you are really going to the office or workplace. Pajamas may be your most comfortable outfit, but in some people they can also lead to less professional practices. Similarly, follow your usual shower, breakfast and other routine operations in case you need it.

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5. Regular breaks

You don’t have to leave the house to save travel time, but there are other ways to take advantage of it. Maybe earlier, if your work allows it, take a break to refresh your brain. Think about the whole day and how to best adapt to benefit yourself and your output.

6. Keep in touch with colleagues

This is an incredibly important aspect to remember, and perhaps one of the easiest to implement. Using the technology available to connect with others is critical not only for improving the overall productivity of your team, but also for staying in touch with people you may not be home for weeks or months.

7. Highlight and prioritize the most important tasks

These are tasks that must be completed as quickly as possible and will enable other projects (possibly completed by someone who is waiting for other projects) to move on and achieve everyone’s goals.

8. Make regular backups and master technology

Don’t miss unsaved items to avoid the risk of losing your job. Also, since you may visit a secure website, use your passwords carefully, keep everything updated, and use antivirus software on the computer you are using.

9. Always Stay motivated

Over time, you may lose perspective and even motivation. To prevent this from happening, remind yourself of everything you have achieved, and keep in touch with colleagues to check progress as described above.

10. Avoid unnecessary distractions

This is crucial. At home, there may be several temptations to keep you away from social work. Set aside time to check social media or read useful websites (of course, it’s important to be well informed) or handle home tasks, but make sure you can close later in the day because you know you’ve done your work for the day.

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